Your Guide to Patchwork Floor Tiles

Your home is your zone, it's a place to make entirely your own. But when it comes to floor tiles, the traditional options are a bit drab. If you're not, patchwork floor tiles may be the perfect way to spice up your flooring and sprinkle it with your personality.

What is Patchwork Tile?

Patchwork tiling is a style that puts together a complex arrangement of bright, ornate accent tiles. In patchwork tile, these accent tiles usually make up the entire design but, in some cases, they can have plainer tiles mixed in.

Tips for Making Your Patchwork Floor Tiles Look Great

Patchwork tiles can either look dynamite or look like your house was hit by dynamite depending on how well you execute it. These tips can help:

1 - Use a Common Color Story

To quote the pros on TLC's What Not to Wear, "It doesn't have to match, it has to go." Patchwork tile is supposed to look eclectic, but the tiles should all look like they're from the same family.

One way to do this is to choose floor tiles within the same "color story," or complementary color scheme. You can opt for a monochromatic style and use, for instance, many shades of blue. If you're going for a brighter look, you can use a wide variety of colors that complement each other.

2 - Use Tiles With the Same General Look

Patchwork tiles come in countless themes and styles, and one way to make your patchwork tile floors look like a cohesive unit is to choose tiles that are all in a similar style. For instance, look for tiles that all have geometric shapes or Spanish inspiration.

3 - Use the Appropriate Tile for the Setting

There's a reason any tile shop sells specifically floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc. Each tile's material and appearance is designed with a specific purpose in mind, so make sure you stay within these intentions.

4 - Integrate Patchwork Tile Into a Mosaic Design

Another easy way to make patchwork tile floors look more put-together is to create a distinct design with them. Mosaic tiles are built to create a set design, but you can make your own tile mosaic using unique tiles of your choosing.

5 - Overbuy

Of course, you need to calculate how many tiles you'll need based on the square footage of your floor. Overbuying is always a good idea because tiles can break, but it's particularly important with patchwork tiles so you have the inventory to arrange them exactly the way you want.

6 - Be Careful About Using Varied Sizes

Using tiles of different sizes truly embodies the patchwork style, but it's tricky business. They still need to fit together correctly, so pick your tiles with your measurements in mind.

7 - Make Sure the Grout Color You Choose Goes With All the Colors

Picking a tile grout is difficult enough when you only have one or two colors of tile to consider. In a patchwork design where you could have dozens of colors, it's more complicated, so pick a neutral, easy color.

8 - Hire a Professional for Installation

As much fun as it is to design your patchwork tile floors, having a professional to expertly cut and fit your tiles will make a huge difference in the look and durability of your floor. It's worth the investment.

Mastering the Patchwork Tile Look

These tips are a great start but remember that patchwork tile is all about putting your personality into your home, so listen to your taste. To start designing your look, shop for ceramic tiles and other flooring tiles.