7 Trending Patterns of DIY Wood Wall Plank

From cave drawings to modern wall planking, walls across the globe have showcased many beautiful creations. Walls are an integral part of any interior home decor illuminating much about an individual’s personal flair and preferences. Since antiquity wood paneling provided homes with design and functionality. The trend of wood panels or now more commonly referred to as wall planks, certainly brings back memories of the Mid-Century, Scandinavian and Contemporary designs of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Manufacturers' restraint, caused wood paneling production to be limited to varying degrees of quality in woods and plastics. Due to the technology advancements in printing and embossing it has revolutionized the options available.

While vertical can truly make a statement in a home most noteworthy recent trends are including installing wood planks horizontally or using patterns like chevron, herringbone, diagonal, multiple colors or varying sizes. As a result of the options available to install wood wall planks it may seem overwhelming to choose the right look for your space.  For that reason, we have put together a list of pattern arrangements and products that offer all the information needed to make an informed decision for a wall transformation.



Omak beige Wall Planks 6-in-x-50-in JUST-IN FLOORS Omak Beige Wall Planks comes in a length of 5.1” x 50” with an easy to install peel and stick backing. Wood paneling reminiscent of the Scandinavian designs in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s, these warm pine tones laid in a vertical pattern create a beautiful modern design.


Consequently, Grandma’s family room may come to mind when you hear vertically laid wood paneling.
Rather than thinking about Grandma’s knotty pine wood paneling check out the beautiful
rich honey toned black grained wood planks that certainly have an Acacia wood look worth
gracing your home any day. Furthermore laid in a vertical pattern it makes quite a statement. Vertically
laid either by staggering or with uniformity, a statement piece is bound to emerge.











Chelan Brown Wall Plank - 5.1 in. x 50 in. - Justinfloors The beautiful wood toned television plays great tribute to the warm knotty pined wall covering of wood wall planks in a gorgeous honey tone laid horizontally. JUST-IN FLOORS DIY Chelan Brown Peel & Stick Wood Wall Planks comes in a 5.1” x 50” length. (pictured above).


Certainly if you tend to play it safe with classy designs but desire a transformation to your space,

the horizontal pattern will certainly be your best bet. Therefore horizontally laid wood wall planks

blend with any design style whether Rustic, Modern, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Contemporary

or Classic. Most noteworthy the tone of dark, medium, light or white wall coverings will lend itself to

the design style.  Rustic style looks great with varying warm toned reclaimed wall planks.  Furthermore,

modern style works well with low grain variations and smooth finishes.  Finally, farmhouse style

is beautiful with white wood wall planks with distressing or vintage finishes.  Above all, there is

no style a wood wall plank can’t please when laid in a horizontal pattern.






Millwood DIY Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks Cocoa warm wall planks is an exquisite wood tone set in a herringbone pattern adding a classy touch to a vintage room with Mid-Century design. JUST-IN FLOORS Millwood DIY Peel & Stick Wood Wall Plank comes in 5.1” x 50” planks for easy and fast installation.

3. Herringbone Pattern

Around for thousands of years since the Romans, this beautifully classy zig zag pattern of staggered

rectangles, probably could never go out of style. Furthermore, the herringbone pattern can be found

in material like fabric to tile, hardwoods, bricks and wall planks to mention a few. While herringbone

pattern takes extra time to install it is completely worth the time.











Chevron Patterned Wall Planks JUST-IN FLOORS DIY Peel Stick Brier Wall Plank laid in a Chevron Pattern will create a modern style that will steal the show.

4. Chevron Pattern

While the chevron pattern often confused with herringbone, it has been around for hundreds of years.

This pattern is created with a zig zag too, the difference is in the angle the rectangles are arranged

to form a straight line where the ends of the zig zag meet. As a result the beautiful, modern and timeless

chevron pattern will add great modernity to any home.











Chelan Brown Wall Planks 6 in. x 50 in. Sleek modern light toned wood wall planks in a diagonal pattern creates a trendy feel. JUST-IN FLOORS Chelan Brown DIY Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks in 5.1” x 50” has a sleek modern look.

5. Diagonal Pattern

Installing the planks in a diagonal pattern will add a unique personalized design touch. Due to varying

lengths, directions installed, graining and color variations certainly creates a rock star atmosphere. Also,

the time-consuming herringbone and chevron pattern require detailed layouts and angled cuts. In

contrast a diagonal pattern is a great go to for an artistic flair and twist on design without investing the










Modern White Wall Plank - 4.5 in. x 48 in. - Justinfloors Reclaimed Peel and Stick Modern White Wood Wall Planks comes from authentic old barns and antique wooden structures.

6. Varying Sizes

Traditionally wood wall panels were installed in a consistent single length or width, while in recent years

flooring trends shifted to varying lengths and widths, therefore as the flooring trends shift so goes

the walls. Products such as laminate and reclaimed wood boards come in varying sizes, furthermore

mix up the sizes to create an authentic reclaimed wall decor transformation. To make the project

easy and fast to install there are many options for laminate and reclaimed DIY Peel and Stick. Check out

JUST-IN FLOORS DIY Reclaimed Modern White Wall Plank in 4.5” x 48”, 5.5” x 48” & 6.5” x 48”

(Image on the left).








Abbey Multi Wall Planks 6 in. x 50 in. Purchasing multiple color wall planks allow a very personalized wall covering design. The DIY Peel & Stick Abbey Wood Wall Plank comes with a variety of warmer toned wood shades and truly creates a lovely design accent.

7. Varying Colors

Colors can be varied slightly with similar tones in woods to more drastic variations such

as black and white, red and black or red and white as a result creating a unique design.

JUST-IN FLOORS carries a Reclaimed Wood Wall Plank collection that includes colors like

midnight black, barn wood red and modern white. Furthermore, limitless possibilities of colors can

be applied to JUST-IN FLOORS Raw White Oak Wood Peel & Stick Wall Planks easily stained creating

a spectrum of color creations. 








7 Trending Wood Wall Plank Pattern Recap:

1. Vertical Pattern: Create a modern take on the Mid-Century, Scandinavian and Contemporary designs of the 1950’s 60’s & 70’s with some of the knotty pine or Acacia wood wall planks installed in a vertical pattern.

2. Horizontal Pattern: Create any design style with the adaptability of the horizontally laid wood wall plank pattern hence the color, tones of wood or material used will lend itself to the personal design style.

3. Herringbone Pattern: Create a classic design with a herringbone pattern while this pattern can be time-consuming, it will never go out of style.

4. Chevron Pattern: Create a chevron pattern to give the classy herringbone pattern a modern spin.

5. Diagonal Pattern: Create a diagonal pattern if a twist is desired but time is a restraint.

6. Varying Size Pattern: Create a natural design feel with varying lengths and widths often found in laminate and reclaimed products.

7. Varying Color Pattern: Create a color spectrum amazement with subtle variations in tones, opposites like light and dark or a limitless personalized array.


Transform Your Space This Weekend

Wall Planks come in an array of products reclaimed or engineered wood and laminate, vinyl and wallpaper wood prints. Installation options include nail in, glue, peel and stick and magnetic. Any accent wall graced by wood will add value and design appeal to a space like the entryway, mud room, foyer, kitchen, family room, bedroom, nursery, basement, office and the list goes on. Consequently, wall planks are not limited by design styles. Therefore, all tastes will be pleased with a wall artistically accentuated with wall planks in styles like rustic, modern farmhouse, eclectic, contemporary, mid-century, vintage, Scandinavian, classic and beyond. Wall planks are a great DIY weekend project for the reason that it requires minimal tools. Take on the challenge and transform your space today.

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Unfinished raw white oak di multi wall planks 6-in-x-50-in. JUST-IN FLOORS DIY Raw White Oak Wood Wall Planks can take the imagination down a limitless spectrum of color options.
Multiple colors of herringbone pattern will personalize any space. Use colors like Quincey, Omak Beige, Unfinished Raw White Oak cut into shorter lengths in the DIY Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks collection from JUST-IN FLOORS
Create a striking herringbone pattern with Abbey DIY Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks.