Greetings from Havana

Greetings from Havana, or maybe a local Cuban restaurant.  What can I say, that’s the best I could do.  A cruise to Old Havana was my first pick for launching our new collection.  I was inspired by the idea of immersing into the Cuban culture! The photography of authentic Cuban floors, architecture and a taste of nostalgia had my stamp of approval.  However, heightened security concerns made a cruise to a Cuban restaurant seem more “responsible.” With this in mind, I planned a trip to have lunch at a local Cuban restaurant.


 Havana South

After months of planning the release, it was time to visit Havana South, a local restaurant in Buford, GA.  The Masitas de Puerco, Maduros, fresh plantains, sliced avocados added the right touch to spur our excitement. Lunch was delicious at Havana South, the authentic Cuban food was truly a taste bud delight. 



As I traveled back in time I found a picture of my grandfather in Cuba, by the look on their faces I can only image what they were up to.

 The Artistic Explosion

A culturally rich city which history dates back to 1519, portrays elegant yet traditional and fascinating architecture.  I admired many pictures of beautiful tile floors, bright colored building and classic cars.  The old tile industry of Havana left a mark on the architecture dating back to the mid 1800’s.  In 1867 at the Paris Universal Expo the world was introduced to hydraulic tiles eliminating the need for kilns.  Industry set up in Havana to produce the tiles and from there the artistic explosion occurred. 

Photo By: Stefan Ruiz


Havana Tile Collection

Inspired by the traditional hydraulic floor, also known as cement tiles, this collection is the perfect accent to any space. It’s pattern brings color and design that merges the classic and modern looks, while enhancing any project with its decorative elements


Introducing our new Havana Collection! Tropical florals and bright patterns resonate vibrancy and vitality in an environment that exudes nostalgic vintage warm

Festival Bright Pink

The Havana Collection

Our collection embraces Old Havana with our rugs that are expressively nostalgic with tropical florals and bright patterns that resonate vibrancy and vitality.  The handpicked Havana tiles exude nostalgic vintage warmth with a perfect antique meets modern expression. Expressive and carefree “Havana” evokes a sense of abandonment with those drawn to luxury and decadence.  Let’s get shopping and bring a little touch of Old Havana home.