Brief Glance Into the History of Tile

Tile has existed as an important design element since sometime around 2500 BCE. It holds an extremely significant place in the history of design and artistic tradition. It is even its own movement.

Even now, about 4,000 years later, tile still holds a meaningful place in the world. And like wine, it's only getting better with time - and improved technology.

While the tile designers of the ancient past had to slave over their creations, today they can use technology to make the process easier. Homeowners can indulge in custom tile ideas to give their home a unique edge.

If you're looking to dive in, just check out this guide.

Waterjet Cutting Technology

You can thank the latest waterjet technology for increasing your design possibilities, but how does it work?

Everyone learned about water erosion in middle school, but innovators took that information to invent waterjet cutting technology. It uses highly pressurized water combined with something abrasive, like grit, to slice into virtually anything. Make sure your hand doesn't get in the way of that.

One of the best things about waterjet cutting is that it doesn't heat up or damage surfaces, meaning you can cut almost anything with it, with the exception of tempered glass.

With this technology, technicians can do their job efficiently and often give clients a turnover of around two weeks.


Design Possibilities

Now that you know how it's made, it's time to decide what to make. This is one of the hardest steps in the process as the possibilities are seemingly endless.

One of the best custom tile designs is the mosaic. This is a tile style that's been in use since ancient times, and can have your home feeling classic.

Of course, you can also modernize the mosaic by thinking about those tiny tiles like pixels in a bigger picture. With the right consultation, you can envision a

mosaic of colors that creates a larger image from a distance.


Where to Use It

When most people think of tile, they think of flooring. However, even 4,000 years ago they were using tile for much more than that.

Before you create your custom tile, think about where you want to use it. There are more options than you may realize.

You can use tile to customize table tops, counter tops, mirror frames, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, and planters. Just take a look at some classical Persian architecture for inspiration.

Of course, aside from flooring, many homeowners use tile as a wall accent. It's a great and unique way to bring art into your home.


Custom Tile for You

At JUST-IN FLOORS, we connect creative homeowners with the talented artisans that can make their dream home a reality. Our retailers and installers can assist you with any design questions or needs you may have. We also have financing and a great return policy available.

If you're looking for custom tile, make sure to check our stock. And, if you have custom tips or tricks, don't forget to leave a comment below!