How to Pick the Right Mosaics for Your Home

When it comes to making any decision on items for your home, it's always going to be a struggle. Mosaics are no exception.

When you are deciding how to pick the right tiles for your bathroom or kitchen you have a wealth of options. Do you go for something vivid and colorful? Do you opt for an intricately detailed design or do you go for some beautiful outlandish patterns?

The choices are overwhelming which is largely contributed by the $65.2 billion home decor market.

So the big question is, where do you start?

Being overwhelmed with analysis paralysis can be rough. This article will take you through all you need to know about how to pick the right mosaic design for your home.

Let's get started.

Suit the Pattern to the Area

Choosing the correct mosaic pattern will depend on a number of different factors:

  • How big your budget is
  • The area you want to place your mosaics
  • You and your personal styling

Whatever route you decide to go with on the pattern of your mosaic, what's important to remember is to suit the pattern to the area. For example, picking bold colors, geometric tiles and anything bold can certainly stand out when placed outside, such as for your outdoor patio.

Whereas relaxing designs and patterns such as waves or simple lines or shapes can really stand out for indoor mural designs.

What Material Should You Choose?

Mosaic tiles come in a wide variety of different styles and materials Deciding what type of material you'll use for your mosaics can be a huge factor for giving off the right vibe for your home.

You have a wide variety of materials such as recycled glass tiles, stained glass tiles and tumbled glass, which can work especially well for alternative bathroom designs. Just remember to remind your in-laws that the glass is partly translucent!

You can even go for something quirky like the Van Gogh glass tiles. Just remember that you'll be paying extra for the depth like finish that's similar to a mirror.

Color Choice Is Crucial

Color choices can have more of an impact than just satisfying your artistic cravings. Different colors have psychological effects on the way that we think and feel.

For example, psychologists describe yellow as giving off warmth, and energy. Yet is one of the colors that can create the most frustration and fatigue, not ideal for an office, for example.

If you want a color that is calming and stable, then blue might be a great color choice. Blue colors give off not only calming feelings but many favor blue for offices, as research has shown that blue colors make people more productive.

Picking the Right Mosaics Design For Your Home

Combining both great patterns, the right color and the best material are all crucial ingredients to getting the perfect mosaic's design for your home. Remember that simple patterns and light colors will give your rooms a flexibility that should mean the room will be comfortable for any occasion.

Brash colors may seem brave but could leave your living space feeling hostile in the long run.

For inspiration on some amazing mosaic designs, check out our main mosaics page.