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The Different Styles of Laminate Wall Planks

You've seen laminate on the floor, but its popularity continues to grow up the walls. Find out how you can use laminate wall planks in your house. Are you in the middle of a home renovation, or just planning ahead to finally tackle that room you just never seem to get around to? Have you given any thought to your wall coverings? Sure, you have paint and wallpaper, but what about changing it completely, and opting for some laminate wall planks?

Yes, it's not just for your floors anymore. In fact, there are a variety of types and styles for you to choose from. Are you intrigued?

Keep reading to learn about the best types of planks for your wall.

Choosing the Right Wall Planks for Your Home

Much like when deciding on which flooring you are going to use, the same decisions can relate to your wall planks.

You don't want to just grab the first packet you see in the story. Much like when laying laminate flooring you need to consider the area you are going to be decorating, and the other eventual decorations and furniture choices that will finish the room.

Wooden walls are not a new concept, but with laminate, the options are now far wider and more varied in both style and execution.

A Laminate Wall Gives You Greater Flexibility While Decorating

Not only is a laminate wall a trendy way to decorate, it is also one of the more flexible options. With flooring, it is a case of all or nothing, but with walls, it's a different story.

You can use wall planks through the entire room, just on one wall, or as stylish features at certain places. Maybe as a backing to family photos, or as a cool feature to fasten coat hooks in your entrance hallway.

Using laminate flooring on your wall allows you to make an impression with your decor. Unlike paint or paper, which is just a covering, leaving the style over to the fixtures and furniture, laminate happily shoulders the design load.

The Advantages of Choosing for Laminate Walls

There are many advantages that come with choosing laminate wall planks for your home decor.

It is easy to install

Other than fastening the planks to the wall itself, the process is very similar to laying flooring.

Easy to Clean

Laminate walls offer easy cleaning and maintenance, making it a stylish and practical option for families with small children.

Variety of Choice

Not only do you have flexibility when it comes to the application of your wall planks, but you have increased choice when it comes to both color, texture, finish, and thickness. This gives you a level of control over your wall decor that has never truly existed before.

Low Cost by Comparison

Whether you are looking at materials, labor or both, using laminate wall plans makes for a lower cost outlay for you, which is a win in itself.

Laminate Walls are a Great Choice for Any Room in Any Home

At the end of the day, how you decorate your home is your decision. Laminate is a great choice from all angles, and as long as you make the right choice in combination with the rest of the room, then you cannot really go wrong.

If you want to see how laminate walls could change your home, or want to get a few samples before you make up your mind, we are here to help. Get in touch or pay us a visit today.