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Why You Should Choose Farmhouse Appeal Flooring

Whether it's a seaside cottage, a cabin in the woods, a city apartment or a home in the suburbs, many are now

choosing to decorate their home in a farmhouse style.

This current trend is a long way from the modern polished look that was all the rage a few years ago.

Why the new trend?

We are all busier than ever before, many leading hectic and stressful lifestyles. In fact, three-fourths of employees believe that workers are dealing with more stress due to their jobs than a generation ago.

So after a hard days work, we all need a relaxing haven to come home too. Many love the casual decor of a farmhouse look and find it a comforting and cozy atmosphere.

But to get that farmhouse appeal, what essentials do you need? Read on to find out.

Farmhouse Style Essentials

The farmhouse look can be achieved by carefully selecting your decor, furniture, and accessories.

Neutral, yet warm decor is essential. Not with overly bright colors painted on the walls, or with gaudy wallpaper patterns.

These natural backdrops are then decorated with charming wooden finishes. Wooden doors, window frames, a farmhouse dining table and repurposed furniture will all help to complete that old world look. In true farmhouse style, the wood needs to look rustic, natural and weathered.

Oversized sofas, soft pillows, and quilts in natural cotton, wool, and linen fabrics also add to this cozy yet elegant atmosphere. And let's not forget the all-important accessories like wooden spoons, farm signs, metal buckets and pendant lighting to complete that country charm style.

A key element of your overall look is your flooring. Keep reading to learn more about farmhouse appeal flooring.

Farmhouse Appeal Flooring

For a true farmhouse style, your flooring needs to be wooden, especially in the kitchen and dining areas. Many use reclaimed wood for this rustic look.

The key to acquiring striking farmhouse flooring is the visibility of the wood grain or distress marks. Instead of hiding the true character of the wood, it should be showcased and celebrated for its uniqueness.

You may have splurged on a sturdy wooden farmhouse table and chairs for your dining room. But your carefully chosen furniture may be ruined by unmatching flooring. Tiled floors or even shiny polished wooden flooring can look clean and chic, yet it can spoil your "country living" look.

Your rustic wooden flooring can also be accessorized with cozy rugs. Just imagine your living room with beautiful distressed wooden flooring, an open fire, and a woven rug as a stylish centerpiece. A great place to put your feet up and relax!

Of course, using reclaimed wood for your floor can be extremely expensive and hard to install.

Is there a cheaper and simpler alternative that doesn't scrimp on style?

Rustic Wooden Flooring at a Better Price

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